Tuning Forks

Experience the tangible resonance of the tuning forks, via audible sound waves beside both ears, entraining brainwaves to harmonic frequencies, or via the bone and tissue vibration to encourage optimal coherency. They can also be used more subtly to balance the biofield (energy field) around the body.

"New research in the field of sound and biochemistry now shows specific vibrations transferred to cells using tuning forks causes the spiking of nitric oxide. This release of nitric oxide sets off a cascade of physiological events that directly influences our health, well-being, state of mind, and consciousness."
- Dr. John Beaulieu 

The forks I have chosen to work with are frequencies of the golden phi ratio. This ratio (the relationship between the tones) reoccurs throughout the natural world and is emulated in great works of art, music, & architecture. If love had a mathematical equation the golden ratio would be it! Present throughout the human form, within the structure of DNA, sunflowers, spiral galaxies, and in the beautiful orbital pattern between Earth and Venus, it is no wonder people resonant positively with balancing effects of this simple healing tool.  

These binaural tuning forks developed by Eileen McKusick are based on the lower harmonics of the important frequency known as the Earth's heartbeat or 'the Schumann resonance' replicated in our own optimal coherent mind & heart frequency:

"... 7.83 Hz is our brainwave state at the Alpha/Theta cusp – a place of deep relaxation and presence, found in meditators and healers. Since we are electrical beings, it seemed to me that it made sense to bring our bodies into electrical resonance with this ambient pulse". 

Eileen McKusick, Tuning the Human Biofield



The other set of forks are a higher octave, and come from John Beaulieu (Biosonics), based on the 'perfect 5th'. These frequencies complement the Polarity protocols of balancing geometric patterns on a structural level, as well as to naturally induce a still-point for the nervous system to recalibrate, and supports our resonance with the universal field of intelligent energy.

Richard Merrick's Harmonic Theory

Optional treatment room music includes refreshing ambient nature & water sounds composed by Enchanted Paradise