Holistic Bodywork is an ideal maintenance tool to contribute to the well being of your mind body & soul. 

Polarity Therapy is a unique modality that seeks to balance the flow of energy in the body in a threefold manner; the structure of the body, the nervous systems, and the human energy field.

It is non-invasive, therapeutic and extremely calming. 

Polarity Bodywork sessions are conducted fully clothed and involve soft touch as well as point specific touch. It is an opportunity to allow the innate intelligence of your bodymind to update itself via nervous system self-regulation. You do the 'work' through rest and receiving!  As a practitioner, I facilitate & support this process. I acknowledge the wider field of healing/wholeness we are part of.

The results of Polarity Therapy sessions can generally include profound relaxation, reduced stress, changes in the chronic pain cycle, improved sleep, and a sense of alignment to the whole of your being.

An additional option to your Polarity session is the innovative use of tuning forks - a subtle and effective tool for dispersing stagnation and facilitating coherence of our body mind & soul.

If interested in take-away tools, yoga postures, nutritional insight, conscious breathing, or facilitated inner wisdom 'meditations' can also be shared.

What clients are saying...


We're coming to a greater understanding of just how bad stress is for one's health. I love my Polarity Therapy sessions with Marsha -- soooo very relaxing and de-stressing. I'm always so pleasantly surprised at how long the "glow" lasts.


The Polarity session I received from Marsha enabled my energy to recalibrate itself in a light and grounding way. I felt balanced and energised and deeply relaxed after the session. I definitely recommend her service!


Didn't think it would be my thing, but I 'get' Polarity Therapy now ! Relaxing and highly therapeutic. Highly recommended.


The Polarity Therapy bodywork experiences I had with Marsha left me feeling profoundly relaxed in body and mind.

Marsha Jones

Meet Marsha

I have been drawn to exploring the healing arts for over twenty years, and value the power of compassionate touch as a portal to our energetic anatomy and interconnectedness.  Polarity Therapy allows me to honour the spiritual wisdom underpinning holistic living, at the micro and macro levels.

I (finally!) completed my B.A. in Humanities in 2007, and became a member of the International Polarity Education Alliance in 2016 - with Energy Principles Practitioner (EPP) status - and am always looking to deepen my skills and awareness to enhance our therapeutic relationship.

Contact Marsha Jones


P. 027 944 8988
Self-care investment:

$70 full 60min session

Concessions for children & teens.

Available by arrangement at Wellness Movement

Level 1, corner of 121 Trafalgar St, entrance via New St. Nelson CBD
Please give 24hrs notice if unable to keep your appointment;
a cancellation fee applies otherwise.
Thank you.